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Your Pipes Deserve the Best Treatment

Your plumbing system is composed of several connecting pipes, which serve as the thoroughfare of water going in and out of your home or business. As the main component of your plumbing system, Craftsman Plumbing, Inc. believes that your pipes deserve to get the best treatment not just from any plumber, but from the plumbing experts in Birmingham.

Our plumbing company offers a wide range of pipe services including inspections, repair, and repiping. Contact us to see what we can offer you!

How Old Are Your Pipes?

Pipes are generally made to last for a long period of time, but they are bound to corrode when they are already past their prime. Knowing the lifespan of your pipes – especially for our customers who reside in older homes or buildings – can help you determine if your pipes have reached their expiration. You can always reach out to our Birmingham plumbers if you believe you might have a plumbing, piping, or sewer problem.

The following are the lifespans of most pipe materials:

  • Brass - 80 to 100 years
  • Copper - 70 to 80 years
  • Galvanized steel - 80 to 100 years
  • Iron - 80 to 100 years
  • Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC - 24 to 40 years

Other factors like high water pressure or hard water deposits may contribute to your pipes' early wear and tear. You can look out for signs to confirm the condition of your pipes, such as leaks, water discoloration, and sudden low water pressure. If you want to be certain, our pipe experts can come to your home and thoroughly inspect your piping to determine if it's time for a repair or repiping.

Our Birmingham Plumbing Experts Offer Non-Invasive Options

At Craftsman Plumbing, Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of the plumbing industry. Our Birmingham plumbing experts continue to update our plumbing knowledge and skills to give our customers non-invasive methods in piping and repiping. You can rest assured that we can quickly repair or replace your pipes with little to no damage to your property.

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Why Choose A Craftsman Over A Plumber?

  • On Time & Dependable Service
  • Rooted in Customer Service
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  • 100% Client Satisfaction
  • Advanced Plumbing Technology
  • 25 Years of Experience

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